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I was reading in my devotional the other day, and the words of the Apostle Paul really struck me. And when I read it in the Common English Version (CEV), it really made sense. Paul says in Romans 6:19 (CEV) “I am using these everyday examples, because in some ways you are still weak. You used to let the different parts of your body be slaves of your evil thoughts. But now you must make every part of your body serve God, so that you will belong completely to him.”  "Everyday examples”. Wow. We need to see the Lord and His workings through our everyday examples. I would agree with Paul that our lives are a journey. As Christians, we are saved for sure. But we are perfecting our faith through Jesus.

This means our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors are changing to be more like Jesus each and everyday. While there is always room for improvement in our Christian lives, Paul is encouraging us to realize that we can do it. He says “you USED to...” Paul is showing us what our lives outside of Christ used to look like, and he is showing us how we look to God now...assuming we’ve improved in our Christian-lifestyle. He says that while we used to allow ourselves to participate in and actually enjoy things outside of God, now, we desire to belong completely to the Lord. Jesus is the difference, and His Spirit within us gives us the tools and desires to do it.

Friends, I know that each day will bring new challenges in your life. You will be presented opportunities to either please God or disappoint Him. Satan will see to it. But, according to Paul, “praise be to God”, we don’t have to allow any unrighteous thoughts to enter our minds. We simply don’t need to entertain them. And when we don’t entertain them, Satan has to find another way to try and get our attention... and we can simply choose through the power of God, not to entertain those either. Paul says allow “every part” of ourselves to serve God. I want to serve Him in my mind, in my heart, and in my body. When we do that friends, we begin to look more and more like Jesus, it will be obvious, and that’s what others will see. Allowing God full-control, makes being like Jesus the new normal in our lives. And that’s pleasing to God. Amen?
Love and prayers,
Dr. D.